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Enerfats™ is an innovative range of specialty fats explicitly formulated for its excellent nutrient absorption and optimal energy-yield properties in livestock. Among its nutritional benefits, it enhances the immune system, improves fat digestion and nutrient utilisation. It also boasts of high pelletability.

Enerfats™ is made entirely of vegetable fat extracted from palm and soya oil, ensuring that it retains ample nutritional properties for the livestock.

It is light brownish in colour and is delivered as a free flowing liquid at temperatures of 23ºC and above.

Enerfats™ is highly recommended in animal feed formulation as a key energy source. Dosage level should be at 2-4% or at a level recommended by a nutritionist. It should be heated to temperatures of 30ºC or above for pumping.

Should be stored under dry conditions and kept away from water contamination. Should not be stored for longer than 1 year before usage.


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